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July 8, 2012
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[PKMNA] Application: Jude by Terrakiion [PKMNA] Application: Jude by Terrakiion

[Edit1] I got in!
[Edit2] Updated art: now with 2000% more sass. I caved and gave him pants. orz
[Edit3] New application and new art, yo!
[Edit4] It's been a long time since I redid this, but aaah, babb looks super different now!!


► General Identification

Name: Jude Raque (pronounced "rah • kay")

Gender: male
Sexuality: bisexually quoiromantic
Age: 20
Birthday: November 11th (♏)

Height: 6'6" || 198 cm
Weight: 210lbs || 95 kg

Pokemon: [264] Linoone
Nature: sassy
Summary Characteristic: likes to run

Hometown: Solaceon Town

► Statistics

Level: 65
Ability: pickup

- Play Rough
- Rototiller
- Switcheroo
- Tackle
- Growl
- Tail Whip
- Headbutt
- Sand Attack
- Odor Sleuth
- Mud Sport
- Fury Swipes
- Covet
- Bestow
- Slash
- Rest
- Belly Drum
- Fling

- Double Team
- Swagger
- Shadow Claw
- Attract
► Personal Information

Jude is the probably one of the most sultry mofos you will ever meet...and he definitely puts that part of his personality and appearance to good use. With his playful lilt of voice and gravelly tone, he's not shy to flirt with dudes and dudettes alike. His snark and sass are directed to everyone in general, but it's in a playful sort of way, except when it comes to bullies; he goes full-out "insult-and-rile-up" mode when he encounters such people. However, it's incredibly difficult to get on this Linoone's bad side, as he gives very little care to what others say if they're not important to him — friend or closer-than-friend-wise. Jude has a particular soft spot for Furrets, as his sisters are all Furrets and he spoils his younger one, Rikki. He can't sit still for long periods of time and dislikes being cooped up in one place for too long. He still has the problem of picking up knick-knacks and slyly tucking them away for later use, but it's gotten much better now since he's been enrolled in Armonia, a school that gives no time for his klepto-voyance to kick in.

Despite his outgoing personality and talkative manners, Jude is actually introverted and always needs a period of time to cool down after prolonged periods of socialization. During these moments, he can be found lounging about in grassy areas open to the natural air; though he may not be particularly active during these times, any sort of company is welcome to relax with him. Becoming friends with this Linoone is not particularly hard, as he accepts all who are generally chill and can put up with his flirtatious mannerisms. Around those he particularly cherishes, however, his usual smirks are a little softer, his words gentler, and smiles more genuine.

The second youngest in a family of six, Jude wasn't given much attention; his Linoone father and Furret mother not only had to take care of him, but also his two older sisters and one younger sister. Being the only brother in a group of sisters, Jude never really had a playmate. Instead, he would go off and do things on his own; his busy parents never noticed.

By the time his parents noticed, it was a bit too late. Jude had gotten into the habit of stealing. Not stealing, really. He just had the habit of picking up everything he found and keeping them in his pockets. He had developed a precognitive ability called "klepto-voyance," which enabled him to see the potential use in the found items. This ability not only applied to items, but other Pokemon as well.

Because of this little ability, Jude had developed a rebellious, defiant personality. He would often talk back to others and make snarky comments. He, himself, rarely got mad, but he could rile everyone up without even batting an eyelash. Of course, Jude didn't mean to, but he had the habit of acting first, thinking later. The better side of his personality — his willingness to help others, his loyalty, his strong will, his sense of justice — was masked and quickly forgotten by the others.

Realizing that they must act quickly to resolve the problem, his parents decided to send him off to Armonia Institute, an elite school located in Faraway Island. Jude's parents hoped that the school would be able to deal with his klepto-voyance problem, and they knew that Jude could have a fresh start there. Perhaps he could make new friends, who can accept him for all that he is, both good and bad.

Now that the years have gone by, Jude's klepto-voyance never left him — though he has become quite sneaky at taking and hiding items — but has significantly toned down to objects that no one will miss. Now that his sister, Rikki, and his old friend, Laurelmere, had joined him on the island, everything settled. Became more right. However, new chapters must be opened and new stories, explored, as he set off for Mirage College with many friends to accompany him this time.

Likes: running, treasure hunting, exploration
Dislikes: static environments, confrontation, bullies

Talents: conversationalist, eye for detail, maintaining his cool
Flaws: conditional tunnel vision, oblivious to romantic feelings, uncommitted

► Education

House Affiliation: Tesla

School: School of Art
Major: Performing Arts || Music

- School of Arts: Performing Arts
- Student Council

► Additional Information

Favorite Flavor: spicy

- Jude has the ISFP personality type.
Jude's fur is naturally brown due to the weird mixing of Linoone (father) and Furret (mother) genes.
- Jude's stripes are the color of normal Linoone stripes, but he doesn't like how they blend into his already-brown fur, so dyes them a lot.
- Jude has two older sisters, Anya and Aja, who are twin Furrets.
- Jude adores his little shiny Furret sister, Rikki, and spoils her a bit.
- Jude's stripes were dyed orange to resemble a shiny Linoone to make Rikki feel less out of place, but she has since grown in confidence.
- Jude used to smoke when restless, but has since quit; he only smokes on special occasions.
- Jude has an entire dictionary of comebacks stored in his head.
- Jude is ambidextrous.
- Jude, having outgrown most of his klepto-voyance tendencies, now enjoys fitting clothing and tights.
- Jude is practiced in the art of fur dyeing and body piercings, and will do so for free.
- Jude has a kind of scratch, gravelly singing voice.
- Jude plays the bass guitar, electric and regular.
- Jude's older sisters kind of forced him to learn piano, because "guys who can play piano are hot!"
- Jude has a pet Electrike named Mutt.
- Jude often wears a conch shell necklace, given to him by Rumba, which may be tucked under clothing.
- Jude's theme song is Hot Mess by Cobra Starship.

► Relationship(s)

[link to new Heart Chart to be added]

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