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January 14
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[IWF] Application: Micah by Terrakiion [IWF] Application: Micah by Terrakiion


"I'm like a baby gazelle...I startle easily, PHWEEE!"

:bulletyellow:Name: Micah (pronounced "my • cah")
:bulletblue:Gender: Male
:bulletyellow:Species: Dik-Dik
:bulletblue:Age: 17
:bulletyellow:Birthday: August 26th
:bulletblue:Personality: Fretful
:bulletyellow:Catchphrase: PHWEEE!

Micah grew up in a little, nameless town, largely suburban, but crowded like a city. He spent most of his early life there, living in a comfortable little home, the only child of a Mule Deer father and Dik-Dik mother. However, when he was young, his mother died unexpectedly from an unknown disease and her death hit his father quite hard, causing the once proud buck to succumb to alcoholic tendencies, which he is still trying to relieve himself of to this day. Because Micah was still young then, he did not take the loss well, but didn't find it traumatic, as he hadn't reached such a level of understanding. Though it was somewhat hard to cope with his mother, gone from his life, it caused him to adopt something of a motherly nature when it came to taking care of others. The young Dik-Dik helped his dad slowly get over the incident. Years passed since then and by the time his dad was well enough to return to being head of the police, Micah had already entered middle school.

While his dad wasn't always the happiest, shutting himself inside his home for a long while, Micah continued to attend school, graduating elementary school with ease. Despite silly antics and goofy grin, he was quite smart, not the most brilliant student, but clever. Middle school was when he felt his life changing for the better. It'd thrown him into a new, different environment than grade school, and being and only child, he was always eager to make friends. His best friend Mihr, a Short-Haired German Shepherd, fortunately attended the same junior high as him, and the two were an inseparable duo, worming their way into the hearts of others, creating a tight-knit group of 1. The outside was Ezekiel, older than them and already in high school, but he often hung out with the younger kids, because Mihr was his cousin.

Around the time Micah was graduating from middle school, his dad had already gotten completely better, back on the job full-time, and found out about Ezekiel. Despite Micah's adoration for the older guy, the Mule Deer took an instant disliking and distrust to him. After all, who in the right mind would let their prey animal son hang out with an older, fierce-looking Black Timber Wolf? Not this police chief of a father. Fortunately, that was when a certain invitation letter arrived in the mail; coupled with a spun story about "oh, you should learn to be independent, blah, blah, blah," a couple luggage cases, and tight hugs from his friends, a reluctant Dik-Dik was kicked out of the house, essentially (and away from his friends, but most importantly, a certain wolf).

Micah is clumsy and easily excitable, likely due to his ADHD, which he takes Adderall for. However, he doesn't always remember to do so when he's rushing out of the house, late for an appointment or whatnot, the tendency for him to ramble is strong. Because of the lack of a mother figure in his life, he's adopted a sort of motherly nature, which shows up from time to time, but all other times, he's his cheery self, trying to follow the rules, but can't help getting into trouble. He does fret and worry quite a bit, but usually it's just him overreacting; his fretting is all in good fun anyhow. The Dik-Dik is incredibly loyal to his friends and will stick with them through thick and thin, but because of his small stature and non-intimidating appearance, he's prone to being bullied. According to his father, he has a knack for getting stuck with the wrong crowd (especially since his old town friends were all predator animals), but he's quite a good judge of nature. ("Baddies give me a chill up my spine, PHWEEE!") On occasion, he lets his immaturity show, the product of growing up too fast, but usually he has a tight rein on such things, opting to be the more mature one of the group, though he lacks the controlling demeanor for it. He loves to talk and make new friends, a huge sweetheart and pushover.

Still receiving education, Micah doesn't have an official job yet, but he's quite fond of doing research. He hopes to grow up to be some sort of researcher, maybe for the police department so he can be with his dad. He's quite fond of the idea of being a detective or investigator, as his quick thinking coupled with his skill with technology would make him a good asset.

:bulletwhite:Micah's catchphrase is actually a whistling noise that Dik-Diks make.
:bulletwhite:Micah stands at a measly height of 5'.
:bulletwhite:Micah has really good memory, but it always takes him a couple moments to sift through his thoughts.
:bulletwhite:Micah is big on the whole "organized chaos" thing, as his room is a mess, but he always seems to know where things are.
:bulletwhite:Micah has a tendency to walk and text, basically living in his phone.
:bulletwhite:Micah has a strong relationship with his dad, as they are each other's only true family.
:bulletwhite:Micah loves wearing sweaters and they make up most of his wardrobe.
:bulletwhite:Micah will talk about his old town friends a lot.
:bulletwhite:Micah's old town is not too far from Idlewood Forest, chosen for easy transportation for visits.
:bulletwhite:Micah's theme song is Find Out Who Your Friends Are by Tim McGraw.

IdlewoodForest © heatherkat
Art © Terrakiion
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