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October 16, 2013
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Armonia: Application: Laurelmere by Terrakiion Armonia: Application: Laurelmere by Terrakiion


[Edit1] Possible third character if I ever get the chance! I really miss this babb. U wU
[Edit2] I love you, Bunneh. ♥

• Selva •

:bulletpurple:Name: Laurelmere Birchheart (pronounced "lore • uhl • meer")
:bulletblack:Age: 21
:bulletpurple:Birthday: Aug. 25th ()
:bulletblack:Gender: Male (but often mistaken as female)
:bulletpurple:Nature: Gentle
:bulletblack:Hometown: Pastoria City

:bulletpurple:Height: 5'8" || 1.73 m
:bulletblack:Weight: 118lbs || 54 kg

:bulletpurple:Level: 45
:bulletblack:Ability: Magic Bounce
:bulletwhite:Helping Hand
:bulletwhite:Tail Whip
:bulletwhite:Sand Attack
:bulletwhite:Quick Attack
:bulletwhite:Future Sight
:bulletwhite:Psych Up
:bulletwhite:Morning Sun
:bulletwhite:Last Resort
:bulletwhite:Power Swap

Laurelmere — or Laurel for short — is the eldest son of Eevee and Pikachu, Glossamere and Bene(dict)mere, evolved from their first litter of two: a to-be Espeon and to-be Umbreon. A year him came another litter of two. Then another. And finally a little of one. Despite the size of his family, they were a tight-knit bunch and even the tiny Sylveon boy adopted thirteen years later was easily welcomed into the family. His mother and father had settled them into the lovely city of Pastoria, where they ran an herbs and spice shop, attracting a good number of customers to live an easy lifestyle. Among these customers was Velvet, a Furret who ran an herbs and medicines shop in nearby Solaceon; this is how Laurel and his seven brothers ended up meeting Jude, the playful Linoone that tagged along with his mother. Jude was among one of the many friends that Laurel made. However, he still spent a lot of his free time, when he wasn't busy studying to be an apothecary, hanging out with his brothers, making short trips to Lake Valor, just a couple miles away. They made this trip constantly, sometimes with their parents, sometimes without.

It was when Laurel was seventeen that the accident happened.

Noirmere had stayed behind to take care of Fayremere, who was still too young to make the trip, and their parents had a load of customers that day, so Laurel was the only one in charge of keeping his younger brothers in line, as they trekked to Lake Valor. The road along the way proved to be an easy task, as they'd gone to the lake many times before. As usual, Orionmere and Neugemere ran off, most likely to play pranks on the poor, unwitting passerbys, while Ramielmere flounced off on his own, doing god-knows what; Ethermere proceeded to lie down in the shade of a tree and take a nap. Laurel, knowing that the others were in no danger and could take care of themselves if occasions arose, settled down next to the lake with a book, keeping an eye on his second-to-youngest brother, Misumere, who was splashing about happily in the lake. That day appeared to be like any other day, so the Espeon was unwary and relaxed, absorbed in his reading. An unfortunate mistake. For some unknown reason, the spirit of the lake, Azelf, awoke from its long bouts of sleep, only to be startled by some an unknown creature in its territory. Feeling threatened, it didn't think and immediately used its powers to blind the Vaporeon, who let out a shriek and began thrashing about just beneath the surface, while the legendary retreated to even deeper depths of the lake. Laurel was jolted back into reality when he heard Misu's wail, and looked up to see his younger brother swimming about in random directions, trying to find the surface and failing. The Vaporeon was panicked, too far out into the lake, and quickly losing oxygen, so the Espeon did the only thing he could think of: he gave Misu his eyes.

Using a combination of Wish and his psychic abilities, Laurel transferred his sight over to Misu and the scene before him faded into black. He couldn't see anymore, but he could still hear Ether's confused, groggy voice upon being awoken from his nap. He picked up on the scent of Orion, Neuge, and Ramiel as they ran back to see what was going on. He could feel the book in his lap and the wind blowing through his fur. He could taste the fresh air. But his world had simply disappeared before his eyes — or, well, lack thereof. His brothers walked him home carefully, the well-trod road now proving to be an obstacle without his vision. Misu was particularly upset, even with Laurel's kind words of reassurace. When they finally got home, Gloss and Bene were thrown in a state of shock, Noir was almost furious for not having gone with them, and Fayre was confused as heck. Laurel was pulled out of school for a year, as his blindness took a lot of getting used to, and his parents believed that they needed to get him to a better school, one that could help him with his new disability. That was when Velvet, when she came over to visit, told them about Armonia Institute, and how she'd already sent Jude there. A year later, when he was just turning nineteen, Laurel filed an enrollment form as well.

Laurelmere, before and after the accident, remains unchanged; his sight was the only thing taken from him, as all other aspects of his personality remained the same. He's gentle by nature and has a soft, calming voice, which he rarely raises. He prefers to plan things before he does them and will not so easily jump to conclusions. He's not easily riled, preferring to talk things out and work out a compromise with whoever he's confronting. The Espeon has a strange, motherly way of acting, something he probably picked up from Bene, his father. Because he wants to become an apothecary when he grows up, Laurel is studious when it comes to academics, his memory being particularly keen. He's very willing to help out others, though he has trouble navigating unfamiliar terrain without the help of his guide Growlithe, Chamomile. His open and kind nature allows him to make friends easily and since he's blind, he doesn't judge based on appearance whatsoever. Laurel is capable of developing crushes, and is not picky when it comes to looks or genders, and can be easily flustered by the one he likes. However, this does not mean that he's easily startlde in general, as his other senses have become sharper since the accident.

:bulletblack:Summary Characteristic: Often Lost in Thought
:bulletpurple:Hobbies: Brewing Tea, Mixing Herbs, Reading, Meditating, Helping Out, Learning
:bulletblack:Favorite Flavor: Bitter

:bulletwhite:Math (II)

:bulletwhite:Home Economics

:bulletpurple:Club: First Aid

:bulletwhite:Laurel is of the Selva house.
:bulletwhite:Laurel has white eyes, while Misu has one orange(original eye color) and one purple(Laurel's original eye color).
:bulletwhite:Laurel has long lashes, which gives his eyes a lidded look; this trait runs in the family.
:bulletwhite:Laurel's hair is just the two tufts under his ear combed to one side.
:bulletwhite:Laurel's forehead gem glows when he's using a move.
:bulletwhite:Laurel's wrist tattoos were done by Jude after his accident.
:bulletwhite:Laurel is the oldest of his brothers (Noir, Orion, Neuge, Ramiel, Ether, Misu, and Fayre).
:bulletwhite:Laurel wants to be an apothecary and open up his own shop.
:bulletwhite:Laurel is very good at creating drinks, whether it be tea, coffee, or the occasional alcoholic drink.
:bulletwhite:Laurel puts his psychic abilities to use by dabbling in the "mystic arts."
:bulletwhite:Laurel's fashion tastes land in the hipster clothing category and he always has his Soothe Bell around his neck.
:bulletwhite:Laurel is right-handed, but often uses Telekinesis to move thing around.
:bulletwhite:Laurel has a mid-ranged, soft voice.
:bulletwhite:Laurel can still play the piano, though it takes him a moment to find the keys.
:bulletwhite:Laurel has a guide Growlithe named Chamomile.
:bulletwhite:Laurel always smells faintly of the herbs and spices he has been working with.
:bulletwhite:Laurel's theme song is Firework by Katy Perry.

Pokemon © Nintendo
PKMN-Armonia © KeIdeo
Art © Terrakiion (Rai Huang)
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Ah, what an awesome character :D Laurel seems really interesting!
Terrakiion Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Waaah, thank you! U wU
no problem >w< 
KeIdeo Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AAAH... AAAAAAAAAAH.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Laurel bby FFFF I loved that espeon I really did dvndkjfs ♥
Terrakiion Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hhhhhh, I'm glad I'm not the only one!! U vU)/♥ Yeeh, I thought about making him an Armonia NPC, but I felt like he was way too developed to have just a side role??? So I guess he'll be my third character if I ever get one! U wU
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